Video: Uni-Shifter

Ideal for: Small Forklift Fleets
Cost:Lowest in the industry for man-aboard Battery Handling Vehicles
Power Source:AC or DC Battery
Key Features:

  • Magnetic Grab with 5 Year Warranty
  • Tubular Equalization
  • Free Flowing Roller Bed

Multi-Shifter Australia - The Uni-Shifter is a cost-effective solution for small to medium forklift fleets running multiple shifts.

In the past, these users found battery handling vehicles a little pricey. The uni-Shifter is the best value in the battery handling industry.

The price is 20% less than the MTC Battery Ram, and 25% less than any other pass-through-single-level vehicle manufactured by Sackett or BHS.

It is designed to change batteries in any type of forklift and has a 8,000# capacity. Tubular equalization eliminates scissor arms, bearings, lift chains, and cam followers, reducing moving parts by 30%. Reducing moving parts reduces cost of ownership. The Uni-Shifter is designed to use DC battery power or AC power.

Finally, small fleet users have a safe, productive, reliable, and cost effective solution to their battery handling needs.