Roller Stands: Multi-Level Storage
Roller Stands: Multi-Level

Ideal for: Fleet

Power Source: AC

Key Features: 5 Year Warranty on Frame Failure, Single Level roller Stands are available in two styles; Service Stands & Charging Stands
While the two models share many common design elements, their intended markets differ. Their primary difference is the incorporation of a charger support shelf onto the Charging Stand models.

Battery Service Stands are generally sold as accessories for individual fork lift trucks. By serving as a staging stand, they enable battery maintenance procedures to be performed safely and easily.

Charger Stand models, on the contrary, are most often sold to work within a multiple shift environment that utilizes a powered battery changing system.

Standard features for the line are:

  • Perimeter frames constructed of 4" structural channel.
  • Batteries supported by 11 gauge, 2.5" diameter Epoxy Coated steel rollers
  • 11/16" solid hex axles.
  • 24" deep, 11 gauge Charger Support Shelving
  • Adjustable "Acid Guard" stand legs
  • Wide variety of options allow extensive customization

Finally, if the these featues do not convince you that we make the best roller stand, we cover these products with a Five Year Warranty against premature frame failure. Multi-Shifter..." Excellence by Design".